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Seller's Guide

Studies show that home sellers who use a licensed real estate agent to represent them generally get a better price than those who sell the home themselves.

Where do I start?

How does the home-selling process work and what is expected of me?

What else do I need to know? 

These are common questions you may be asking yourself. Listing your home – can seem like a daunting process. That’s why we’ve created a detailed Seller’s Guide that helps you understand exactly what to expect when listing your property, and how I can help. 

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1. Choose a real estate agent that’s

   right for you.

2. Align your timelines. Sell First, Buy Later!

3. Address any repairs or Bell and Whistles

4. Staging makes a difference : Fix, Remove, Clean, 

    Wash, Paint, Manage

5. Understand and be clear on following : Asking Price, 

    Closing Date, Current Market Assessment (CMA), 

    Market Condition, Fixtures/Chattels, Offer types,

    Agreement types, Home Value Estimator, Mortgage 

    Types etc. 

 6.Understand the offer Registration and Presentation 


7. Understand the need of required documentation.

8. Understand the Closing Procedure. 


our expertise

your neighbourhood expert

We know your Neighborhood. We can help you achieve the highest value for your property.

we do our due diligence

We will address all the Bells and Whistles. Our skills and experience in the business will prevent any obstacles on the way

we protect your best interests

Clients before everything - that is our motto. We promise to protect your best interests and to make sure experience smooth and memorable.

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